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 US security policy towards South Asia after September 11 and its implications for China: A Chinese perspective

Z Guihong – Strategic analysis, 2003 – Taylor & Francis

[BOOK] Between Rising Powers: China, Singapore, and India

A Latif – 2007 – NVqvFDr&sig=hPYaPZPOVI_TJtIejbssgPdSAvc

US-India Strategic Partnership Implications for China
Z Guihong – International Studies, 2005 –

[BOOK] China & India: Politics of Incremental Engagement
A Acharya – 2008 – J88i0iX&sig=L4z53wsgUAqEH0AhhqH5mVZXLrs

[PDF] India’s expanding role in Asia: adapting to rising power status
L Curtis – Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, 2007 –

[BOOK] Three Sides in Search of a Triangle: Singapore-America-India Relations
A Latif – 2009 – wDJXB&sig=CkWgUBGEBYQzBSuU5v0Jlnc1m-A

[BOOK] A Resurgent China: South Asian Perspectives
SD Muni, TT Yong – 2013 – biA_jwS&sig=kXbTYZKAdjVkVA8yuEvYy59nkjc

[PDF] India’s Soft Balancing with China and the US in the Twenty-first Century
V Khanna – Indian Foreign Affairs Journal, 2011 –